Cooking Instructions

Frying Koupes from home

  • Please cook the Koupes from frozen for best results, if the Koupes defrost the bulgur wheat is likely to split.
  • Heat the vegetable or sunflower oil to a high temperature for approximately 5 -10 min, your pan should be about 5 inches deep and oil at least 3 inches deep approx. 2 – 2.5 litres of oil.
  • Add the Koupes one at a time (cook 5 at a time), move them occasionally in the oil to make sure the Koupes become golden brown all the way around.
  • This can take up to 5-7 minutes please ensure not to fry for less than this time as you want the filling cooked well inside the bulgur wheat coating.
  • Once the Koupes are golden brown and at least 5-7minutes have passed, remove them safely from the oil, and place it on paper towel to soak up the excess oil.
  • Wait a few minutes for the Koupes to cool down, and enjoy with a splash of lemon

Baking Olive Breads from home

  • Please cook the olive breads from frozen for best results
  • Pre heat your oven @ 180c for 5 minutes
  • Place the olive breads on grease proof paper or a greased baking tray.
  • Reduce the heat on your oven to 170c and place the Olive breads in the oven.
  • Baking time is approximately 20-30 minutes (depending on ovens), as the olive breads turn lightly brown please remove from the oven.

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