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Koupes London produce traditional Greek Food with a modern twist! Our unique recipes make us stand out from the traditional Greek catering by offering flavours you would have never tried before!

Our most popular product is Koupes (Cypriot recipe) also know as Kibbe, Kebbah, Kubbeh, Kubbah or Kubbi which are made with an outer coating of bulgur wheat and filled with a mincemeat of choice. Cypriots have adapted the filling to include traditionally pork mice, onions, seasoning and parsley. Once cooked lemon is added to the koupes for an authentic taste of Cyprus.

At Koupes London we have used a family recipe and adapted the flavours and offer more variety of meat fillings such as Beef, Turkey or Lamb and not forgetting the vegetarian/vegan fillings of mushrooms and chickpea.

We also cater other traditional Greek foods such as spanakopita, olive breads and much more. Explore the options by using the menus and view what we have available. We also cater for wholesale clients and large parties such as weddings, christenings and funerals. Get in touch by emailing info@koupes.co.uk or call Maria on +44 07762176498

Ps The picture below is me having a tea break from cooking all your favourites. Hope you enjoy what’s on the menu! Maria x

Maria Ereku

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DHL deliveries now closed until further notice, local deliveries in Barnet and Enfield or collection from EN4 only, please allow 7-14 days for orders to be processed.Thanks Maria x